Part 3: Cruising around the Baltic Sea

6. 5. 2019

Please check out the activities of our colleagues from GEOMAR and SDU from the last days of their cruise on RV Alkor.

Congratulations to the team for the hard work done so far and the huge amount of samples collected! We can’t wait for the results!


Today we had the last shift of our cruise AL521. Yesterday we started our 24 hours station in Bornholm Basin, where we excessively used our two multi-nets. We sampled the whole water column in 5 and 10 meter steps and by that we were able to follow the vertical migration of zooplankton. We found a lot of jellies again and even some ctenophores on the very bottom of the basin. After finishing the last net and sorting and counting the very last samples, we started our major clean-up of the labs, equipment and deck.

Fig. 1: Samples from multinets, showing the vertical migration of plankton over time.

In the afternoon we celebrated 2.5 weeks of hard work on board and our successful GoJelly sampling with a barbeque on deck. During night we will steam back towards Kiel, Germany.

Fig. 2: It’s barbeque time on board!


Today we reached Kiel harbor and we finish our cruise with a smile on one eye and a tear in the other. After 2.5 intense weeks with 639 GoJelly samples, numerous net tows, thousands of fish larvae and hundreds of jellyfish and an overall amount of about 5000 samples, we are happy to go home, relax and see our loved ones again. But we also grew a little family over the past weeks and we will miss the friendly atmosphere on board. A huge thanks to everyone helping to make this cruise a success for the GoJelly project, especially to the crew of RV Alkor!

Fig. 3: Kiel harbour.