Part 2: Cruising around the Baltic Sea

24. 4. 2019

Our colleagues from SDU and GEOMAR successfully continued their work on the cruise in the Baltic Sea. Below you can check their daily activities.


At the evening of our second day of cruise we reached Arkona Basin. After some Fishing in the morning of the third day we continue tonight with plankton sampling. We are using mainly 3 different net types the so-called Bongo net, which is towed horizontally and two vertical nets with different mesh sizes (WP2 and WP3). Samples from the Bongo nets are helping us to estimate the ratio between jellyfish and fish larvae in the water column.

Video by: Silvia Kollerova


Tonight we caught some juvenile lion’s mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) in Arkona Basin.

Video by: Ina Stolteberg

Video by: Ina Stolteberg


Today is a really busy day on board. We reached our second GoJelly station of this cruise in Bornholm Basin. Water depth at station is 90 meters deep and there is a strong stratification and oxygen depletion in the lower parts of the basin. To sample plankton, fish larvae and jellyfish from above and below the pycnocline we use a special net, the so-called multi net. It has several nets, that can be closed at different depth.


Today we had our third GoJelly sampling and our Bongo net was full of ephyra of the species Cyanea capillata. For our food web sampling we do not only look for jellyfish, but we are also interested in small crustaceans like copepods. They are one of the main prey items of jellyfish and also fish larvae.

Video by: Silvia Kollerova


Yesterday we arrived in Kalmar, Sweden, where some of the scientific crew is being exchanged. After a week of hard work and sampling at the Baltic Sea we took a day of and explored the Island of Öland.

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