Part 1: Cruising around the Baltic Sea

16. 4. 2019

Today our colleagues from GEOMAR and SDU joined the AL521 eastern and central Baltic Sea cruise organized by GEOMAR on RV Alkor. During the next 2 weeks they are going to  sample food web studies in different areas of the Baltic Sea. They want to know how jellyfish behave in human disturbed ecosystems and how they interact with commercially important fish species. This evening they reached their first sampling station in Kiel Bight. Luckily, they already found some ephyra of Aurelia aurita and Cyanea capillata and some hydrozoans in the nets.

Below you can check out some photos and video from the cruise!

We will keep you updated about their activities on board!

Video: Ina Stoltenberg

Video: Ina Stoltenberg