Odense jellyfish bloom workshop at SDU

4. 11. 2021

From 02.-04.11.21 a workshop with a focus on ‘Driving mechanisms and prediction of jellyfish blooms’ was organized by SDU. In the framework of work package 2 and 3, recent data obtained during the project period was presented. The focus was on ongoing data analyses and joint publication efforts were field, experimental and modelling approaches were used to analyse the origin of jellyfish source populations, bloom dynamics and future predictions. Participants from the GoJelly partners SDU (Denmark), ARDITI (Portugal), NTNU and  SO (Norway) and GEOMAR and UHAM participated in the workshop. In addition, a site visit to SDUs marine station in Kerteminde was organized to get introduced to their culturing and experimental facilities for different life-stages of jellyfish (polyps and medusae). The workshop participants were glad to finally be able to meet again in person after almost two years of digital meetings. The gained new insights and outcome of the workshop was highly appreciated by all workshop participants.