Norwegian jellies in action

30. 8. 2019

GoJelly partners NTNU from Norway went on a two-days cruise with RV Gunnerus in order to harvest jellyfish for population genetics, collagen extraction and biomass for fertilizer.

We harvested at four different stations within Trondheimsfjorden (at the stations Verrasundet, Frosta, Beistadfjorden and Trollet) using a bottom trawl. We happen to catch nice amounts of jellyfish (ca. 50 kg Aurelia and 230 kg Periphylla in total) which will now be distributed to other GoJelly partners.

In addition, to harvesting with nets, we also sampled individual Aurelia aurita using hand nets from the dinghy of RV Gunnerus. The aim is to extract planulae and do some settling experiments with the planulae of A. aurita extracted from fecundate medusae at different temperature conditions.