In Slovenia we ate jellyfish

19. 9. 2018

Today, the researchers at the National Institute of Biology, Slovenia, hosted an interactive workshop where we presented GoJelly project and the promised innovative solutions that will on one hand help combat microplastics pollution using jellyfish mucus, while on the other hand we will use jellyfish for developing the innovative prototype products and ingredients to be used as food, feed, fertilizers and in cosmetics.


The workshop concluded with an interactive part, where participants were asked for their feedback about the potentials of jellyfish as ingredient and the problematic of microplastics in the seas. Given their background and expertise in fisheries, waste water treatment plant processes, entrepreneurship, academia, governmental and non-governmental affiliations, we are confident that their input will serve to construct the socio-ecological models that will be used for qualitative evidence for policy makers and other experts.


Workshop participants had a surprise jellyfish tasting session J