GoJelly bloomed at the 6th International jellyfish blooms symposium

6. 11. 2019

GoJelly was well represented during the 6th International jellyfish blooms symposium, which was held between 4-6.11.2019 in South Africa.

The following GoJelliers contribute to the symposium:

Oral presentations_Jellyfish Blooms Symposium
04.11.19 Hila Dror, UH Israel Jellyfish mucus as a means to combat plastic pollution?
05.11.19 Nicole Aberle, NTNU Norway Backtracking a bloom: Where to find the scyphopolyps?
06.11.19 Rachel Tiller, SINTEF Norway Pest and Plague or Valuable resource and opportunities: Stakeholder perceptions of Jellyfish across Europe
06.11.19 Dror Angel, UH Israel How do we quantify the abundances of something as elusive as jellyfish?


Ina Stoltenberg, GEOMAR Germany Jellyfish-fish interactions in changing oceans
Sonia Goueroun, ARDITI Portugal Patterns and trends in jellyfish diversity in the Macaronesia region

In addition, Jamileh Javidpour, SDU Denmark, GoJelly project coordinator, introduced to the Jellyfish Institutes’ performance during the opening event on Sunday (03.11.19) and Rachel and Jamileh will act as session chairs tomorrow during the ‘Human-Jellyfish Nexus’ session.