GoJelly Blogpost 1 – AL528

25. 9. 2019

On September 18th, RV Alkor left her home harbor, Kiel, on a two-week research cruise with students from GEOMAR and Southern Denmark University. The aim of the cruise is to assess the abundance, diversity and change of jellyfish communities in the central and eastern Baltic. Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita, Mnemiopsis leidyi and Cyanea capillata) from each station were gathered for genetic and stable isotope analyses. Biomass was collected for a future fertilizer experiment at Kiel University’s Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences. Along with the GoJelly project, other research is simultaneously underway including benthic analysis of samples taken using Van Veen Grab and dredge techniques for species diversity and overall health of benthic communities. Additionally, water samples and CTD profiles were used to gather information on the nutrient composition, oxygen and salinity of each station. During the cruise the Alkor visited stations in Kiel Bight, Bornholm Basin and Gotland Basin and stayed in Visby harbour on Gotland for a couple of days. Now the Alkor is returning to Kiel via Bornholm Basin, where jellyfish biomass will be collected continuously with a Bongo Net as part of a station grid. We will keep you updated on the activities on board.