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ADDRESS: Brattørkaia 17C, 7010 Trondheim, Norway


SINTEF was established in 1950 by the former Norwegian Institute of Technology, which today is a part of NTNU. As a result of its own growth and mergers with other institutes, SINTEF has developed into Scandinavia’s largest independent research organisation. We have employees from over 70 nations and customers in more than 50 countries around the world. 73% of our employees are Research Scientists, and of these, 55% have a PhD. In total, we have more than 2000 employees. SINTEF is located in Trondheim in mid-Norway (approx. 1,400 employees) and in Oslo (approx. 400). We also have personnel in offices and subsidiary companies in Bergen, Tromsø, Ålesund, Raufoss, Mo i Rana and Porsgrunn. SINTEF also operates a research station in Svalbard. SINTEF Ocean conducts research and innovation related to ocean space for national and international industries. Our ambition is to continue Norways leading position in marine technology and biomarine research. Our vision is Technology for a better society.x

The SINTEF team is involved in the modeling of jellyfish blooms (WP1), development of jellyfish products (WP5), development of the jellyfish mucus filter for microplast (WP6WP5) and the socio-ecological system (WP7). We will also contribute to dissemination (WP9).

Team members

Rachel Tiller, PhD, Political Science

My expertise is in institutions, regime interplay, governance, policy mitigation and stakeholder participation, stakeholder driven future scenario building. I was recently awarded the Fulbright Arctic Chair of 2018-2019 to work on the international governance of plastics in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

Lionel Eisenhauer, PhD, Marine Ecological Modeling

My research involves coupled mechanistic ocean circulation – marine ecosystem modelling for estimating biological production and predict plankton ressource distributions continously in time and space. The ultimate aim is its application within impact assessment of climate change and operational oceanography for decision support in fisheries, aquaculture and the public sector.

Rasa Slizyte, PhD, Biotechnology

I am a biotechnologist with the main focus on utilization of marine rest raw materials with emphasis on use of hydrolysis technology and extraction and separation of proteins. My PhD work is titled “Hydrolysis of cod (Gadus morhua) by-products: Influence of raw material composition and process conditions” and was defended at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2004. I have experience in leading international and industrial projects, has published 26 peer-reviewed papers and is co- author of several book chapters.

Andy Booth, PhD, Environmental Chemistry

My research work focuses on the environmental fate and effects of anthropogenic pollutants in natural systems, with a focus on emerging pollutants, nanomaterials and microplastics. I have participated in many national and international level research projects, including coordination of the EU JPI Oceans project ‘PLASTOX’. I am currently a co-chair of the ICES Working Group on Marine Litter and a member of the EU MSFD Technical Group on Marine Litter. I will participate primarily in WP5, in the development of the jellyfish mucus filter for microplastic.