Project partner #5

NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION: National Institute of Biology (NIB)

MAIN CONTACT FOR GoJELLY: Dr Ana Rotter (, tel. 0038659232940

ADDRESS: Fornace 41, 6330 Piran, Slovenia

WEBSITE and other links:;

NIB is a public research institution focusing on different areas of life sciences. Our mission is to (i) create new fundamental knowledge in the field of biology and fields of related natural sciences, environmental protection, biotechnology and biomedicine biology and medicine with around 120 employees and (ii) transfer the knowledge to improve the quality of life, support the environmental policy, and for advances in the field of biotechnology.

The Marine Biology Station within NIB is the only research group in Slovenia that carries out research about coastal marine systems. We are an interdisciplinary unit experienced in the fieldwork and laboratory analyses, ecological studies in marine environment, pollution addressed research, physical oceanography (spreading of water masses) and statistical data analysis. We are an experienced project partner that participated in >50 projects in the last 10 years

NIB will lead two workpackages; WP4 (Establishment of protocols for handling and processing JF and criteria for assessment of products) and WP9 (Dissemination and stakeholder communication). Moreover, the Gulph of Trieste is one of the testing areas. Therefore, we will actively contribute to all workpackages by: harvesting the targeted jellyfish species, conducting chemical laboratory analyses that will serve as a background for the development of various products (including fertilizers). We will also actively contribute to the tests of jellyfish mucus that will serve to establish the protocol for the development of the microplastic biofilter.

Team members

Ana Rotter, PhD, statistics

My research includes experimental design and analysis for observational studies such as field monitoring, visualization of data and network analysis.  My vision is to spread the importance of science communication, networking and inclusive collaboration.

Katja Klun, PhD, environmental protection

I’m a marine chemist focused on biogeochemical cycling of inorganic nutrients and organic carbon. Within GoJelly project I’ll be investigating jellyfish mucus composition and structure.