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NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION: Madeira Agency for the Development of Research Technology and Innovation (ARDITI)

MAIN CONTACT FOR GoJELLY: Dr. Carlos Andrade ( and Dr. João Canning Clode (

ADDRESS: Edif. Madeira Tecnopolo, Piso 2, Caminho da Penteada, 9020-105 Funchal, Portugal

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The Regional Agency for the Development of Research Technology and Innovation – ARDITI, is a non-profit organization, which supports research and innovation, promotes scientific and technological training and contributes to the modernization and development of the Madeira Autonomous Region (RAM). Founded as a ‘Research Unit’ inside ARDITI, the Observatório Oceânico da Madeira (Oceanic Observatory of Madeira) – OOM, gathers the participation of 10 Regional Institutions with research activities in Marine and Environmental sciences and congregates the collaboration of over 30-research scientists (incl. + 15 PhD) from the different institutions. The competences and infrastructures available at the Observatory are those available throughout its partner institutions. The Oceanic Observatory of Madeira it is the materialization of the Madeira strategic program for the development and promotion of Marine Resources and Technologies.

The ARDITI team is coordinating the Harvesting and Aquaculture WP of “GoJelly”, specifically focusing on jellyfish biomass collection through wild catch when blooms are occurring and on aquaculture innovative techniques when blooms are scarce. This WP will contribute to improve jellyfish harvesting and to develop jellyfish reproduction and rearing methodologies, in order to ensure appropriate biomass to supply for other product lines (biofilter, fertilizer, aqua feeds, cosmetic products and food). Our team will also investigate the use of jellyfish as life feed for commercial species (mainly fish) and to evaluate jellyfish as a raw material for aquatic feeds.

Team members

Carlos Andrade, Ph.D., Marine Biology and Aquacultur

My research work is manly in fish larvae nutrition and behavior, and life food chains for aquaculture. I am particular interested in developing sustainable hatchery methodologies for the large-scale production of marine species and also, marine spatial planning.

João Canning Clode, Ph.D., Marine Sciences and Biological Oceanography

I am a marine ecologist and have broad research interests and training in marine biology, community ecology, marine biogeography, anthropogenic pressures and invasion biology and my research has focused primarily on marine benthic communities.

Natacha Nogueira, Marine Biology and Aquaculture

I am a marine biologist with particular interests in fish   nutrition and life food chains. Recently my research has been focused in microalgae bioactive compounds and the potentiality of improving cultures in hatchery facilities. I have been working also with marine spatial planning and environmental impacts of fish farms.

Mafalda Freitas , Marine biology, taxonomy and education

I am a marine biologist with a broad research interests and training in marine biology and ecology, taxonomy and science and citizens. My research has been focus in taxonomy of cartilaginous fishes specially from the deep sea.