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MAIN CONTACT FOR GoJelly: Martin Staemmler, Director, Dipl.-Ing.agr.

ADDRESS: Waldstraße 10, 18233 Biendorf / Sandhagen, GERMANY

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Hanseatische Umwelt CAM GmbH was established in 1990 in Hamburg. The company operates a soil mixture plant located in Sandhagen with an annual production capacity of 10.000 tons of soil mixtures, composts and fertilizers and a phovoltaic system of 600 kWp installed. The main business activitiy is to produce high quality composts, fertilizers and soil mixtures from organic residues such as green cut, wood shredder and from marine biomass such as algae and seaweed collected from the Baltic Sea coast. A new biomass plant with 2,0 MW and 8.000 MWh of annual heat energy production will be built in 2018.
Hanseatische Umwelt has developed specialized knowledge and practical experiences developing high quality soils and fertilizers for improved plant growth and phytosanitary effects. Several research projects have been conducted to explore the use of marine biomass such as seaweed and algae as fertilizer for soil improvement and to analyse the increased biological soil activity and plant growth promoting and phytosanitary effects using biological and chromatography methods. The company’s own productline »die Rasenmacher« offers a premium solution for the biological regeneration and renewal of green areas meeting specialized customer requirements.
The majority shareholders operate a real estate developers society in Hamburg (Günther Franke Gruber Bauherren GmbH) and are active worldwide in the field of wood and pulp trade (Jacob Jürgensen GmbH & Co. KG).

The main competencies of Hanseatische Umwelt CAM GmbH are:

  • Small and medium sized manufacturer of a wide range of products such as composts, organic fertilizers and soil mixture products for specific customer requirements
  • Practical expertise in soil fertilizer development, treatment and processing of raw materials such as green cut, marine biomass and agricultural residues and accompaying customer services in particular analysis of soil activity and nutrients measurement
  • Exploration and development of high-quality soils and composts mixtures utilizing marine biomass such as algae and seaweed in collaboration with agrobiological and environmental research
  • Analysis of soils and composts using biological and chromatography methods

Within the GoJelly consortium, Hanseatische Umwelt CAM Gmbh is involved in the development and field testing of new fertilizer products from marine biomass such as jellyfish, algae, seaweed and other organic residues. The company mainly contributes to WP4, task 4.2 to establish a protocol for the handling, treatment and processing of jellyfish suitable for fertilizer products and to WP6, tasks 6.1 to develop innovative fertilizer products based on Jellyfish and other marine biomass as fertilizer auxiliary or additive to be utilized as soil aid with growth promoting and phytosanitary effects. Hanseatische Umwelt participates to the activities of WP1 (project management), WP8 (exploitation) and WP9 (target outreach to stakeholders and dissemination).

Team members

Martin Staemmler, Senior Engineer, Dipl.-Ing. agr.

He is the Managing Director responsible for business activities of Hanseatische Umwelt CAM GmbH. He has been working on the exploitation of marine biomass in the agricultural sector for more than 30 years. His research interest is to develop innovative high quality fertilizer products from marine biomass such as algae, seaweed, and jellyfish for increased plant growth and yield and improved phytosanitary effects. Mr. Staemmler coordinates the research collaboration with agricultural and environmental research institutes and the development of new fertilizers based on Jellyfish biomass within the GoJelly project.

Sebastian Staemmler, Dipl. -Ing. agr

Sebastian Staemmler studied agriculture with an additional training as a state-certified farmer and specialist agrarian on biomass for renewable energy. He has worked as plant manager at Schmack Biogas, a Viessmann subsidiary, for nearly 10 years. He is employed at Hanseatische Umwelt as a technical operations manager. Sebastian Staemmler works on both technical and practical aspects of HU’s involvement in the GoJelly research. He manages the growth and cultivation experiments with algae and jellyfish components.

Sophie Herbert, Dipl. Pol.

Sophie Herbert is a freelance collaborator at Hanseatische Umwelt CAM. She studied political sciences and has worked as a consultant on various EU projects in the area of environment and agriculture. She provides support in communication, research and reporting obligations in the context of the GoJelly project.

Steffen Aldag, M.Sc. environmental protection

Steffen Aldag studied marine technologies (B.Sc.) and holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in environmental protection. Focusing on nature conservation issues he has been involved in various commercial and research projects in the fields of marine civil works and renewable energy. In his master thesis, he studied the ecological aspects of beach wrack recycling and its management on the Baltic Sea coast.

André Buchwald, Green and Horticultural Craftsman

André Buchwald is a craftsman specialized in environmental and green landscapes and horticulture. He is in charge of monitoring the ground conditions and soil composition of the end products for specific customer requirements. He worked several years with green landscaping companies (GalaBau). In GoJelly he will support the preparation and maintenance of field experiments.

Anke Furche, Administrative Assistant

As the assistant of Martin Staemmler, Anke Furche organizes the office and administrative bureau tasks. She supports the managing director in sales services, customer communication and information exchange. She supports the financial and administrative management tasks of the GoJelly project activities of Hanseatische Umwelt CAM.

Marie-Luise Busch, administrative Assistant

Marie-Luise Busch is administrative assistant at Hanseatische Umwelt. She deals with administrative and financial aspects of the GoJelly project.