Within GoJelly we will develop, test and promote a gelatinous solution to microplastic pollution by developing a TRL 5-6 prototype microplastics filter made of jellyfish mucus. We will therefore address two environmental issues: commercially and ecologically destructive sea and coastal pollution of both jellyfish and microplastics.

RESULTS: less plastic in the ocean and in turn more jobs for commercial fishers in off-seasons to harvest the jellyfish.

GREEN INNOVATION – added value: novel, valuable resource for the food and feed industry as well as agro-biological fertilizer for organic farming.

The GoJelly prototype products will be tested and demonstrated in three different European seas (Norwegian, Baltic and Mediterranean), by a range of stakeholders, including commercial fishers and industry partners.

ADDED VALUE: 1. broader European promotion and utilization of GoJelly at the local, regional and global level by delivering a socio-ecological methodological toolbox for forming and implementing policies. 2. GoJelly cookbook, presenting the recipes using jellyfish as ingredients. 3. Children’s book with the aim of awareness rising from an early age.

OUTREACH: GoJelly will broadly communicate its results using traditional social media, open lab ship cruise, and in the form of an experimental online game, depicting different management scenarios under different jellyfish- and microplastics combinations.